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Many Edwardian and Victorian houses have large gardens and this additional space can be used to extend your home.


Home extensions are often the preferable option for families who:

(i)  don't wish to move to be able to accomodate a growing family
(ii) can't afford a next-step-up house move

Home extensions can be fairly simple like a conservatory or complex, such as a two or three story build to extend the floorplans on all levels.

House Extensions Croydon

Extensions also need to take into account plumbing requirements and possibly enlarging the electric circuits in the house.  They should be planned and researched carefully, including whether the proposal falls under permitted development or whether a full planning application needs to be submitted.

If you are looking to extend as an investment to pay back on itself when you sell, you should thoroughly investigate not only the location of your property but also whether what you are planning is something that is sought and bought locally, as well as historical selling patterns.

No matter why you are considering a home extension, at Maxfort we can help at the very start of the process and help you navigate around the pitfalls that such a project can bring.

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